She is an expert in crafting career objectives and honing leadership skills

I greatly enjoyed and benefited from my time working with Beth. She is an expert in crafting career objectives and honing leadership skills. She utilizes a wealth of knowledge, tools and experience while always focusing on you as an individual. I especially appreciate Beth’s emphasis on linking a healthy personal life to a successful career.

Jeff Ecsedy

Chief Scientific Officer, Ikena Oncology

Beth helped me discover my brand

Beth helped me discover my brand. She did this by nurturing self-inquiry and by guiding mindful reflection on feedback from my peers, collaborators, mentors and mentees, helping me identify my strengths, motivators and values. The Benatti Resiliency Model has become a pivotal guiding framework in shaping my ambitions, helping define my priorities, and enabling efficiency and effectiveness in my professional roles as a scientist, collaborator and leader. It has helped me develop a purpose-oriented approach to work and life, building upon my foundational personal values of trust and gratitude.

Karthik Venkatakrishnan

Global Head of Quantitative Pharmacology, EMD Serono, Inc.

The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive

We introduced Career Recharge virtually during COVID lockdown in 2020 as an investment in our employees and their mental well-being with easy-to-apply tips and strategies to build personal and workplace resilience. Career Recharge also provided an avenue to build connections across the organization (and country) allowing for employees to share common experiences and build relationships that would have never otherwise occurred in day-to-day interactions. It was so well-received, we continued for the second year reinforcing the 5 strategies of the resiliency model: Well-Being, Self-Awareness, Brand, Connection, Innovation, recognizing that a re-charged workforce is a committed workforce. The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive that we made the investment in their well-being and provided employees the opportunity to invest in themselves. The energy Beth brings to each session is contagious and her principles are rooted in science and research, building immediate credibility with her audience.

Karen Casey

Head of People and Culture | Canidae

Highly recommend Beth to anyone who seeks a leadership coach to advance his/her career

I consider Beth’s coaching as the best leadership training that I ever got. Starting to work with Beth in 2014 and still going, I not only learned various leadership topics through her, but also discussed with her and benefited from addressing many real-life situations. In my opinion, what made Beth so unique is that on top of trying to teach me leadership knowledge and skills, she spent a lot of effort to know me as a person and provides most suitable suggestions for me and my situations. I highly recommend Beth to anyone who seeks a leadership coach to advance his/her career!

Bin Li

Director, Computational Biology, Takeda

Improvements in attention, stress management, productivity, and decision-making

When I hired Beth as my leadership coach in early 2017, I imagined building a massive action plan. That’s just how I am—I like to get things done. However, what I experienced was deeper, more impactful, and more sustainable than just an action plan. I was immediately energized by Beth’s method, which is internal and reflective because I learned that we never pause, take a breath, and really utilize the teachings of mindfulness to guide us. Doing so builds resilience and has set me up to have greater impact in my career. We all need to recharge, and Beth helped me recharge all aspects of my life, not just my career, because everything is connected. Since working with Beth I made two major career changes which have improved my confidence and energy level. I’ve built a great foundation for success!

Liza Larson

Senior Manager, New Ventures Innovation, Rich Products Corporation

Beth is a brilliant and impactful coach who is great to work with

Beth is, simply put, a brilliant and impactful coach who is great to work with! Beth has such a range of experiences and a way of relating to people that she can help pinpoint key topics and put them in a framework that lets her clients identify solutions and reach their goals. In my Leadership Coaching, she was quick to gather information, see trends, and help me to become a more complete professional. It was a great experience.

George Mulligan

Senior Vice President, Mitobridge

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