Beth is a brilliant and impactful coach who is great to work with

Beth is, simply put, a brilliant and impactful coach who is great to work with! Beth has such a range of experiences and a way of relating to people that she can help pinpoint key topics and put them in a framework that lets her clients identify solutions and reach their goals. In my Leadership Coaching, she was quick to gather information, see trends, and help me to become a more complete professional. It was a great experience.

George Mulligan

Senior Vice President, Mitobridge

She has the dedication, energy and enthusiasm to make any organization stronger

Beth has been an outstanding business partner to help my organization build its capability. Her energy and strong working relationship has helped develop a program that I deployed to my entire group. It brought us together and helped us understand each other better and gain a thorough understand of what drives each of us. This has made us more productive as a group. I would highly recommend Beth. She has the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm to make any organization stronger.

Kevin Seaver

Executive GM Automation & Digital, Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences)

Beth’s coaching helped me to learn how to balance my life

I don’t think words can truly explain the positive impact Beth Kennedy’s leadership coaching has had on my life. Before starting this journey, I was a new mom who had just gone into a new leadership position. I was trying to juggle everything at once. Her coaching has not only helped me to learn how to balance my life so I can be a successful wife, a mother, a career woman, and a future entrepreneur but also to be a confident, caring leader.

Angela Wood

Clinical Director, Augusta Levy Learning Center

She has superb interpersonal skills, is trustworthy, and is motivational

Beth is an excellent career coach. She taught me how to think about career options that would interest me and play to my strengths, while always keeping practical needs in mind (such as security/work/life balance). She also gave me the confidence and tools to network and reach out for information and help in my career search. She has superb interpersonal skills, is trustworthy, and is motivational. I highly recommend Beth Kennedy as a career coach or trainer.

Leah Ricci

Associate Director, Sustainability and Energy Management, Harvard Business School

Improvements in attention, stress management, productivity, and decision-making

When I hired Beth as my leadership coach in early 2017, I imagined building a massive action plan. That’s just how I am—I like to get things done. However, what I experienced was deeper, more impactful, and more sustainable than just an action plan. I was immediately energized by Beth’s method, which is internal and reflective because I learned that we never pause, take a breath, and really utilize the teachings of mindfulness to guide us. Doing so builds resilience and has set me up to have greater impact in my career. We all need to recharge, and Beth helped me recharge all aspects of my life, not just my career, because everything is connected. Since working with Beth I made two major career changes which have improved my confidence and energy level. I’ve built a great foundation for success!

Liza Larson

Senior Manager, New Ventures Innovation, Rich Products Corporation

Thank you for helping me grow!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Career ReCharge workshop! It provided me with a more structured approach, strategy, and resources to reduce stress, strengthen my mindset capabilities and maintain my network connections more efficiently. I now feel I have the confidence I need to have even more resiliency to deal more effectively with obstacles, constant change, and setbacks in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for helping me grow!

Cheryl Kularatne

Senior Administrative Assistant, Global Regulatory Affairs - Ad & Promo, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Beth's seminars inspired me to utilize connections and my own resiliency to strive for more

I never understood what it meant to think outside of myself or raise my own bar higher until I had a training session with Beth. As a first-time intern at a large company, Beth’s two seminars inspired me to utilize connections and my own resiliency to strive for more in my career. Having this knowledge early on, I feel leagues better moving forward.

Brooks Lockett

B2B SaaS Copywriter | Founder of GoCopyTech

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