Three Ways to Reset during the Holidays


Do you need to press the reset button during this hectic but exciting time of the year? December is typically filled with more than the usual amount of stress and now to really test our resilience, the pandemic creates even more stress. I have reflected on how I need to reset to best manage the holidays this year and would like to share my thoughts with you.

The first step is acknowledging that the holidays will be different. One of Stephen Covey’s seven habits is “Seek first to understand and then to be understood”. We may not realize what effects our colleagues or close friends are experiencing during this time. Before reacting in a conversation or to an email, try a ‘pause breath’ and remind yourself to be more patient and less judgmental. 

How you start your day can make a difference for your internal compass. Give yourself a morning intention that works for you. Mine is to focus on what matters most. This reminds me that I just cannot do it all and to simplify and focus on what matters most.

Another helpful strategy is to assess your growth mindset on a daily basis. Yes, we can be like the Grinch once in a while, but how are we showing up to our colleagues, manager and family most days? George Bonanno, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University’s Teachers College, has been studying resilience for nearly 25 years and has explored why some people manage stress so much more effectively than others. He found that one of the most important elements of resilience is perception, which relates very closely to having a growth mindset. How you decide to react to situations depends on how you perceive events. Do you conceptualize an event or a transition as traumatic, or as an opportunity to learn and grow? What can you learn from this challenging time? I took on the challenge of turning my live Career ReCharge Training into a webinar series. The different webinar platforms at every company really stretched my learning curve but I did it. Now I can recharge individuals all over the world!

Rest, exercise, and hydration are important any time of year but with the additional stressors, you need to make them a priority. I have the excuse of getting outside regularly because I have to walk my dog, but if weather permits, getting outdoors in nature has many health benefits to add to your recharge and reset. It can even help you become more creative. Take a break and go for a short walk before you get back in front of the computer or write out your holiday cards. This will also give you the energy to add a little note to some of your cards to let old friends know you appreciate them even if it has been a long time since connecting.

Take time every day to press that reset button so you can begin the New Year more refreshed than other years. The challenges are overwhelming but remind yourself that your resilience will get you through this. 

What are some other reset strategies you have found helpful? Please email me at to share them.

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