As a manager or individual contributor, you strive to enhance your skills and your impact by continuous improvement. To do that effectively and efficiently, you need to identify what’s working (and what needs to be improved) before you can move forward confidently.

You’ll get that confidence with Beth Kennedy and Benatti Leadership Development. Choose from more than 50 career and organizational development assessments—or let us refine the options, and deliver the targeted assessments that spark success!

The most powerful assessments include:

The ARSENAL™ Assessment

  • Resilience assessment that provides a baseline so individuals can be aware of stress profile and triggers, key for leaders. 
  • Presents a summary of each of the seven best practice areas that most influence your ability to combat the negative effects of stress and your current level of performance in each area. 
  • Includes action steps to help you begin building stress resilience immediately. 


A self-paced online learning platform designed to build your self-awareness, support your growth as an individual, and improve your communication skills with others. TypeCoach is comprised of three engaging and practical modules: 

  • TypeCoach Verifier—a twenty-minute learning experience that uses video and animations to help you determine your best-fit personality type. A five-page downloadable and personalized report delivers you practical insights and tips. 
  • Tailored Coaching—video and animated coaching segments outline the top five ways to maximize your career potential. All coaching segments are tailored to your personality type.
  • Type-to-Type—an interactive experience that provides you tips for how to communicate with any other personality type (e.g., ENFP with an ENTJ). 


  • The first and leading web-based personal brand survey that gets you the critical feedback you need so you can expand your career or business success.
  • Begin the process with a self-survey, followed by requesting feedback from others so that you can compare how you view yourself with how you are currently perceived by others. 
  • The web-based system consolidates the feedback making it easy to glean valuable and actionable insights.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

  • Shapes a positive appreciation of the differences between people.
  • Reveals varying styles in thought patterns, work habits, and communication skills. 
  • Can improve how you handle conflict, change, communication, and collaboration and enhance your leadership skills.

Leadership Circle Profile™

  • The Leadership Circle Profile is a true breakthrough among 360-degree profiles. 
  • Only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. 
  • By exploring the underlying patterns that can drive a leader’s current behavior, individuals have opportunities to make different choices. 
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