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Beth’s clients talk about her impact

Improvements in attention, stress management, productivity, and decision-making

I highly recommend this training and am excited that participants now have Beth’s book Career ReCharge: Five Strategies to Boost Resilience and Beat Burnout for additional exercises and resiliency boosters.

Ann-Marie O'Keefe
MassHire North Shore Youth Career Center

An expert in crafting career objectives

She utilizes a wealth of knowledge, tools and experience while always focusing on you as an individual. I especially appreciate Beth’s emphasis on linking a healthy personal life to a successful career.

Jeffrey Ecsedy
Oncology Translational Medicine Head, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Made me become a more strategic leader

Coaching has made me become a more strategic leader. I now delegate more and have a more thorough understanding of my leadership style and how to manage more effectively.

Sunita Badola
Director, Functional Genomics, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Helped me to learn how to balance my life

Her coaching has not only helped me to learn how to balance my life so I can be a successful wife, a mother, a career woman, and a future entrepreneur but also to be a confident, caring leader.

Angela Wood
Clinical Director, Augusta Levy Learning Center

Beth engaged people, stretched their thinking

Beth’s executive presence as a speaker was spot on–she connected beautifully with my audience of executive and career coaches, engaged people, stretched their thinking, challenged them to action, and covered just the right amount of content at a pace that was intriguing and interesting.

Susan Whitcomb
The Academies ( | |

My confidence increased

Working with Beth benefited me in many ways and was a huge positive influence in my professional and personal development. Through her extensive knowledge base and variety of tools, she personalized her approach to enhance my leadership and collaborative skills.

Derek Blair
Senior Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

She practices what she preaches

When Beth Kennedy speaks, her audience listens. She practices what she preaches, engaging in the same mindfulness and recharging exercises she teaches in her sessions.

Cindy Skalicky
Owner, On Point Communications, LLC

Beth kept it lively and fun!

We had a blast learning about each others traits and how that directly impacts how we work well together or, in some cases, why we don’t. Beth kept it lively and fun!

Colleen Kenney
Associate Director, Events, Meetings & Conventions, Takeda Boston

A transforming experience

I feel that I became a more effective manager and learned how to listen to people, delegate, and build a friendly productive work environment. I also believe I became a better person.

Elena Izmailova
Senior Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International

Creative, thoughtful, intelligent and interested

Beth Benatti Kennedy is a very skillful guide and coach who is creative, thoughtful, intelligent and interested in one priority when working with clients: helping them sustain and maintain excellence.

Gary Ainsworth
Principal Consultant, Arc Completa

Discover new ways to be successful

Her training and coaching represented a critical component of our full professional development suite, helping many of our employees discover new ways to be successful in their professional and personal lives.

Helen Zarba
Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning Services, Bright Horizons

Beth talks about what she offers to clients

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About Beth Kennedy

Beth KennedyBeth Kennedy brings more than twenty years of experience to her role as a leadership and executive coach, resiliency-training expert, and speaker. Her Benatti Resiliency Model has helped thousands of people develop the resilience to adapt to changing career circumstances, remain productive and engaged, and find greater life and career satisfaction. Ms. Kennedy has a diverse client list including dozens of small businesses, nonprofit organizations, individuals, and corporations such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, The Gillette Company, Nike, Converse, Bright Horizons, and Charter Contracting.


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