Eight Tips To Be An Amazing Leader


Last week I received an email from a leader I’ve been coaching for five months in which he thanked me for having him set goals for his well-being. When I saw him, he brought it up again and said it definitely made him more productive. That got me thinking of ways in which people can be amazing leaders. Here are eight tips.

  1. The power of healthy habits. Taking care of your health is crucial to being effective as a leader. Figure out which healthy habits you would like to have in your week, keep them small and realistic, and focus on doing them regularly. These could be as simple as getting more sleep or hydrating more during the day.
  2. Focus on your integrity. Take the high road in every situation. It may be challenging to speak up and go against the tide, but your reputation will thank you. I am a big believer in career karma and I have seen the benefits my clients receive because they focus on integrity.
  3. Invest in others and delegate. The time you take to focus on giving to others, especially if you have direct reports, will add to your impact as a leader. Take the time to understand the personality style and strengths of yourself and the people who report to you. The greatest compliment you can receive is when someone you mentor or who works for you is doing fabulous work. Share their success and give them the credit they deserve!
  4. Ask clarifying questions. As a leader, be aware of others’ level of engagement and assess impact and influence. One of my favorite questions is, “Why and what is the impact?” This can often give you time to take a pause and reassess why you and your team are moving in a particular direction.
  5. Connection counts. Take the time to meet with as many people as you can face-to-face when time permits. You will see trust, synergy, and results improve. We often focus on email alone, and many times it’s an effective tool, but do not underestimate the value of body language and actual time together. Even a call or video chat can sometimes be more effective than an email.
  6. Improve and assess meetings. Only invite employees who need to be there and have a clear agenda on what you want to accomplish. We all know that time is precious, and we spend way too much of our time in meetings that do not add value.
  7. Your presence. It is so important to think about your perception and if you are coming across as focused or frazzled. Everyone these days is too busy. How can you manage your priorities to be more strategic? Urgency is important but be careful it is not sending you down the burnout escalator.
  8. The value of recharging. Make time to hit the refresh button throughout your day. It could be going for a quick walk, meeting a colleague for lunch, or decluttering your workspace. Recharge brings value, progress, and most importantly, the energy to be the leader you want to be!

Notice which of these are already habits for you and if there is one you want to focus on this month. I would love to hear from you other tips on what you think makes someone an amazing leader with influence and impact. Please email me at bbk@bethkennedy.com.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving filled with relaxation and recharge.

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