Spirit Of Adventure: Barbados Recharge


I just got home from celebrating my mom’s 84th birthday in Barbados with my sister Terri and oldest daughter Kira. I realized on this trip that there are three key aspects of a tropical vacation that provide me with an incredible refresh and energy renewal.

The first is the magnificent beauty and power of nature. Every morning, I began my day by walking by the ocean and listening to the sounds of the crashing waves. I was in complete awe at the beautiful shades of turquoise water. I had my first experience of swimming with turtles and I still cannot believe how magical it was!

The second blessing of a tropical vacation for me is the slower pace. It is much easier to be mindful when everyone is on island time and the beautiful people remind you with their smiles, ‘what’s the rush?’

The final joy of any vacation for me is the unexpected experiences the universe provides. One morning when Terri, Kira and I were out for a morning walk, we were greeted by green monkeys. This experience truly made my day! It reminds me how each of our days, whether in the tropics or in our own neighborhood, can be filled with unexpected, fun surprises that provide the recharge we may just need at that moment.

The stressors of the COVID-19 virus have created many scary and sad moments for all of us. Take time today and find some joy! It is too easy to get caught up in the negative stressors and so bad for our health and recharge.

How are you managing the daily stressors lately? Please share with me any ideas that work for you.

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